Welcome to Domain. A Media Production, Marketing and Advertising company based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Founded in 2020.

Willie Henderson

President and CEO

Hi, my name is Willie Henderson. I am an alumni from Indiana University. Being a creative person, I enjoy photography and capturing the enchantment of nature in obscure and seemingly simple or everyday scenes. I believe that art and nature have healing powers. My goal in life is to work with people to find mental and emotional health utilizing art and music as part of the healing therapies. 

Domain is a revolutionary production, advertising and marketing media enterprise. Our employees have the freedom of creative expression. We are forming a team of talented and ambitious marketers, accountants, advertisers, and media creatives. How do we differ from other media companies? We pride ourselves in producing first-class media by harnessing and unleashing the talents, creativity, personality, confidence, and swagger of the Domain team. Together, we will build a trailblazing dynamic media company. A company that evolves and grows. Domain defines a revolutionary new era. I look forward to hearing from you.

My interests are in nature, sports and recreation, travel and entertainment, wildlife, space adventure, and technology. While these themes may appear to be separate and distinct from one another, there is a calm effect associated with the appreciation of each of these venues. My goal is to integrate these entities into a cohesive online portal.  Enjoy!

Willie J. Henderson, III




Ft. Lauderdale, Florida , United States

We Value


Nature teaches lessons of growth and resiliency. Even when rain falls, it’s for nourishment. Winters provide time for hibernation. Fall allows time for shedding the things we need not hold onto. Summers offer time for basking in sunlight, and Spring ushers in new opportunities for growth.


Start each day with direction and a purpose. Take the time to plan for your journey. Then chart your course. Navigate the sea of life skillfully. Most of all, enjoy the ride and the scenery.


Seize the opportunity to rewrite life’s possibilities and to refresh and rejuvenate the mind, body, soul and spirit. Start each day anew with an infusion of positive energy.


In many ways, art brings peace. Even during times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can always see art around which brings peace of mind. It’s the simple things that bring peace, a sense of serenity: waking at the break of dawn to witness the sun bring a new day, witnessing the strength of the crashing … Continue reading Innovation


I hope you take the time to relax, connect and enjoy my work.  

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